Top 5 Place To Visit Kashmir

Top 5 Place To Visit Kashmir


Top 5 Places To Visit KashmirEncased by the snow-clad mountains and the sparkling lakes makes a pleasant scene on earth which is known as Kashmir. This territory of India is decisively partitioned into three locales to be specific Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh which is secured by the strong scopes of the Great Himalayas and Pir Panjal run. Because of the different beautiful spots to visit in Kashmir, it is frequently alluded to as India's Switzerland, as the spot is honored with the most picturesque perspectives which merit a visit. The state has a not insignificant rundown of spots that mirrors nature's magnificence at its best which can't be missed by any explorer.


  • Srinager - Heaven on Earth
  • Gulmarg - Ski your Way 
  • Sonamarg - The Land of Gold
  • Leh-3 Idiot's Location
  • Kupwara - The Delight Of Kashmir


1. Srinagar (Heaven on Earth)

 Top 5 Places To Visit Kashmir

Srinagar is without a doubt one of the most delightful and celebrated spots to visit in Kashmir just as in India. From drifting to journeying, feathered creature watching to water skiing, Srinagar place has everything. Locally this spot is known as the mirror to the mountains, Srinagar is the first visit for each explorer and there is a not insignificant rundown of spots to visit in Srinagar, Kashmir. The biggest city of Kashmir, this spot is encased by the green mountains and the fundamental feature being the Dal Lake which is the diamond of the city. This spot gives a nearby viewpoint to the Kashmiri food and the state's way of life

      #Great Time To Visit:June to October, and for Snow, you must visit Srinagar in December or January  

        #Things To Do In Srinagar: Stay in the boathouse, Visit the Mughal gardens, Take the shikara ride

        #How to arrive: it's almost 850  K.M. usually taxi  takes around 15 - 16 hours to arrive Srinagar  from Delhi 



2. Gulmarg (Ski Your Way)

Top 5 Places To Visit Kashmir

Broadly known as the 'Knoll of Flowers', Gulmarg is a treat to the eyes with its spread of lively blossoms against snow topped mountains as foundations. Gulmarg is viewed as probably the best spot to visit in Kashmir for good reasons. This area of Kashmir is otherwise called the traveler's heaven on account of its tremendous choices of skiing in the day off getting a charge out of the perspectives around. The best an ideal opportunity to visit Kashmir for snowfall is in winter season for example December-January.


         #Great Time To Visit: June, July August, September  ,October and must visit December & January  for snow Foll   Gulmarg – Ski Your Way

        #Things To Do In GulmargStay in the boat house, Visit the Mughal gardens, Take the shikara ride   

         #How to arrive: it's almost 890 K.M usually taxi takes around 18 - 19 Hours to arrive Gulmarg from Delhi 



3. Sonamarg (The Land Of Gold)

Top 5 Places To Visit Kashmir

Sonamarg, as the name proposes, is well known as the 'Glade of Gold'. A perpetual stream of staggering blossoms and undulated journeying courses are its attractions. Sonamarg must be in each guest's rundown of spots to visit in Kashmir for its hypnotizing air and stunning perspectives. The best season to visit Kashmir would be in summer for example May-June when the valley is sprouting with variegated blossoms.

         #Great Time To Visit: June July August September October, December & January for Snow Foll  

         #Things To Do In SonamargTrekking, Camping and nature walks

         #How to arrive: it's almost 930 K.M. usually taxi takes around 18-19 hours to arrive Sonamarg from Delhi  



4. Leh (3 idiot's Location)

Top 5 Places To Visit Kashmir

 Leh  (Ladak) is truly an outstanding and safe spot to visit in Kashmir in summers. The elevated mountains, the snow-capped lakes, and the curious settings empower Leh, probably the best spot to visit. This spot is each biker's fantasy land. Clad in the excellence and love of nature, Leh offers stunning perspectives, leaving no guest frustrated. You should investigate all the top spots to visit in Leh  (Ladak) when going to Kashmir.

       #Great Time To VisitApril to October. Most of the tracks are closed because of heavy snowfall in  November, December, and January.

        #Things To Do In Leh(Ladak)Trekking and Mountain Biking is all it takes to give you a lifetime worth memories

       #How to arrive: it's almost 1100 K.M usually taxi takes around 1day and 1 hour to arrive Leh (Ladak) from Delhi  



5. Kupwara – The Delight Of Kashmir


Kupwara is a little area situated in the territory of Jammu and Kashmir and arranged a way off of 90 Kms from the state capital, Srinagar. Favored with nature's best perspectives, the flourishing glades, snow-capped mountains, and the spouting clear water make Kupwara an absolute necessity visit goal in Kashmir. This city exemplifies the magnificence of Kashmir.


       #Great Time To VisitApril to October

       #Things To Do In KupwaraVisit Lolab valley, Qamar Reshi Sahib Shrine, Sheikh Baba Behram

      #How to arrive: it's almost 720 K.M, usually taxi  takes around 12 hours to arrive Kupwara from Delhi


The Bottom Line

Presently, that you've your rundown prepared, all you need just to book your Kashmir Holiday, gather your packs and Get, Set go! Be that as it may, before you do, examine every now and again posed inquiries about spots to visit in Kashmir. Ensure that you are conveying your camera as you will get the opportunity to observe probably the most wonderful scenes.



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